Bachué; Bachue
The goddess Bachué (from the Chibcha language "the one with the naked breast"), is a mother goddess that according with the muisca colombian mythology is the mother of mankind. She emerged of the waters in the Lake Iguaque with a baby in her arms, who grew to become her husband and populate the earth. She received worshipping in a temple, in the area now occupied by the town of San Pedro de Iguaque.
La diosa Bachué es la madre primigenia del pueblo Muisca. Fue diosa de fuentes de agua como manantiales y arroyos. Bachué enseño preceptos como la paz,la armonía y la convivencia a los primeros pobladores Muiscas. Al parecer se le rindió culto junto a la figura de su consorte (que emergió junto con ella en forma de un niño de la laguna de Iguaque) en un santuario especial que posiblemente se ubicaba en el actual San Pedro de Iguaque.

Bachué es una especialización de (es un/una):

deity; divinity; immortal; God; Göd; ...
any supernatural being worshipped as controlling some part of the world or some aspect of life or who is the personification of a force

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Muisca refers to a nation of the Chibchan Culture that formed the Muisca Confederation encountered by the Spanish in 1537, at the time of the conquest of what is now part of central Colombia
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